PDA Simplified Bundled Rate

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What is a bundled rate and why is PDA moving in this direction?

A bundled rate is a simplified pricing model for auto physical damage estimates. The new pricing model includes the auto estimate, all supplements, and total losses into one simple rate.

All clients will be transitioned to this simplified pricing model in 2017 as it makes business sense for both parties. It simplifies the invoicing process for auto physical damage estimates by minimizing the number of invoices and payments, as well as provides predictability for budgeting.

How are bundled rates calculated?

Bundled rates are calculated by using the 2017 base rate and applying a weighted average of the client’s supplement and total loss percentages. Historical data from the client’s previous year’s files completed by PDA are used to calculate those percentages.

Efficiency gains and reduced overall loss costs will be experienced.

Will you charge me for supplements and total losses?

No, bundled rates are inclusive of the auto estimate, all supplements and total loss items, eliminating the need for additional invoicing for supplements and total losses.

Does the invoicing change?

Yes, it is simpler because you are paying one invoice for core services.

Are bundled rates inclusive for all of PDA’s great services?

No, the bundled rate model applies to standard auto files only, and includes the estimate, supplements and total loss. Additional mileage and ancillary service charges will apply.

What is PDA’s cycle time compared to the industry?

The published industry cycle time is 5 days. PDA is currently operating at a 2 day cycle time.

Who should I contact to take advantage of the simplified bundled rate today?

Contact your local PDA office, account manager or PDA’s Client Service Center (800) 872-4732 for assistance.