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Heavy Equipment Training School

Thanks to the PDA Heavy Equipment Training School, we maintain the only national network of qualified heavy equipment appraisers. By instructing appraisers across the country how to efficiently, accurately and consistently appraise heavy equipment, PDA can arrange for estimates and put OTR vehicles back to work quickly and cost-effectively. This expedited process helps insurance companies resolve claims more quickly and reduces downtime for drivers.

One of the primary areas of focus for the training school is alternative parts usage (APU). The school teaches appraisers how they can contribute to faster, more cost-effective repairs by finding used parts immediately online instead of waiting for equipment dealers to reply with the costs of OEM parts.

To help ensure accuracy, the school teaches how to reduce overlap in estimates, which includes details such as labor pricing and refinish labor. Also, the school teaches appraisers to write heavy equipment estimates on-site to save time and maximize accuracy.

As part of the course, attending appraisers visit an area repair shop and salvage yard.

Once appraisers have completed the PDA Heavy Equipment Training School, they’re equipped to share what they’ve learned with other appraisers in their office. This way, each office has a number of qualified appraisers, and the certified appraiser can monitor quality control and make sure files are up-to-speed with standards for a streamlined process.

OTR Equipment Standards
Off-road Equipment Standards