Same-day service. Guaranteed

Need your damage estimate fast? PDA now offers
guaranteed Same-Day and Next-Day Service
for standard auto claims in select markets

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Financial Support Services and Lease Turn-ins

Get more money for your returns and do it faster with PDA.

PDA’s appraisal services are ideal for banks, credit unions and leasing companies that hold liens and force-place insurance on vehicles. With our nationwide network of expert appraisers, we inspect vehicles anywhere in the country and estimate damages in the event of an accident or total loss. And we do it quickly to help get your customers back on the road or get better returns on your repossessions.

The same appraisal services are perfect for lease turn-ins. Our appraisers inspect and document lease returns for condition and lessee liability for damages. With a keen eye for details and the best-trained appraisers in the United States, we provide accurate estimates to increase your returns on sales.

Want your estimates fast? How’s 3 hours or less? Using PDA Xpress, you or your customers can upload vehicle photos to us, and we'll appraise the vehicles remotely. It’s ideal for estimating repairs of minor damage. When damage cannot be appraised through images alone, we dispatch an appraiser from our nationwide network. There’s zero extra effort on your part. We manage it all.

With more than 50 years of experience, PDA has the expertise to deliver high-quality, accurate estimates faster than our competitors. And that gives you greater cost control and higher returns for your repossessed and lease turn-in vehicles.