Save time and money with more efficient, accurate estimates.

At PDA, we redefine what it means to be independent appraisers. Working faster than our competitors and performing against higher standards of consistency and accuracy, we’ve established ourselves as valuable business partners for our clients.

National and regional insurance carriers, administrators, fleet operators and financing companies count on PDA for damage appraisals and lease turn-in inspections for:

Banks, credit unions and leasing companies trust PDA’s expert appraisers to inspect vehicles and estimate damages in the event of accidents or total loss. These financing companies also rely on PDA to inspect and document lease returns for condition and lessee liability for damages.

In addition to performing inspections and completing estimates firsthand, PDA’s experienced appraisers are also expert auditors. Our subrogation and desk review services will help make sure your company pays exactly what it owes, not a penny more or a penny less. And when you send your estimate files to us through PDA Xpress, we’ll complete each job in 3 hours or less!

Three tools for more efficient service

PDA Xpress
Self-serve, mobile-friendly Web tool for estimates in 3 hours or less

Integration Services
Connect directly between your workflow system and ours for real-time results and detailed reports

Client Portal
Create assignments, track estimates in real-time and pull dashboard reports